About us

Pete Safaris is a hunting outfitter in The Eastern Cape province of South Africa, owned by the Professional Hunters Lammie Ferreira and Peter Olesen, both of which were born and bred in the hunting community, and started hunting at a very young age. Their love and passion for the wildlife of Africa, and making the african dream come true for foreign hunters, is what has brought them to be a professional and successful outfitter, with care for details and ethical hunting.

Lammie and Peter both share a burning desire for the conservation and the protection of wildlife, and it is this desire that not only makes them such good hosts and Professional Hunters, but also have ensured sustainable hunting areas with world class trophy quality. Through many years of experience, a true understanding has been built of what it takes to be a top outfitter, creating the ultimate safari experience.

Pete Safaris caters for everybody from the experienced to the novice hunter, family groups and non-hunting guests. We aim to offer very competitive prices without jeopardizing our ethical standards, the level of quality we assure, and the safety and satisfaction of our clients. We are passioned about what we do, and when people leave us as friends, with tears in their eyes, overwhelmed by their experiences – Our mission has succeeded.

We make use of various hunting camps, to ensure that each hunter’s individual needs are met. The camps have been carefully selected for their locations, surrounding wildlife and level of intimacy. The hospitality, service, comfort and hunting are equally of a very high standard, no matter which camp/lodge you choose.

Our prime hunting concessions consist of more than total 200.000 hectars of encredible diverse terrain from open plains of the great Karoo, to the mountains and thickets of the valley and coastal bushveld, offering more than 40 different huntable species.

For the non-hunter, or if you would like to combine your hunt with family friendly adventures, we offer a wide range of excursions that can be added to any safari.

Every safari is individually tailored to fit YOUR needs, and if you are looking for a dream african experience, with world class hunting and no hidden costs – you have reached your destination!