Chacma Baboon

  • Average weight male: 21-45 kg.
  • Average weight female: 12-25 kg.
  • Mating season: All year

The South African Chacma Baboon has a long muzzle and well-developed canines. Males are larger than females. They are distributed throughout most of Africa, but especially in South Africa.

Baboons are active during the day, they move mainly on the ground and are great swimmers. They feed on fruit, leaves, tubers, small animals and insects that they find on the ground. If they are in a hurry, they gather supplies in special pouches in the cheeks and save the consumption till later.

During the day the baboons move in groups of ten to 50 individuals with one or more males in the lead. During the night they gather in special bunks, where they are protected from predators. Such groups can count up to 500 individuals.

Baboons have many enemies, but are well equipped to defend themselves. The sharp canines can be lethal to an enemy, and together, a group of baboons can scare away a leopard.

Because of their phenomenal eyesight and their primary habitat in mountain areas, the hunt for baboons can be difficult and a significant challenge. Baiting baboons with oranges is very effective, if you want to secure a big male baboon. Most baboons are taken as on opportunistic animal, while hunting some other game, and we very often see them climbing the mountains as we pass through an area. They will eventually and normally stop at the top, or hide around som rocks at a further distance, which may present an opportunity for a shot. Forget about stalking a baboon on the ground and amongst trees, they are too clever, and they will make you waste a lot of time this way.

A flat-shooting rifle is recommended. The choice of rifle calibre to this wild species should often be a .270, 7mm rem mag or 30-06. Larger calibers could also work, but aware of longs shots vs caliber and recoil. Aim for the center of the chest and be aware of a wounded baboon if you approach him – He will charge and can do serious injurie!

Recommended calibers: .243, .270, 7mm rem. mag. and 30-06