Barbary Sheep

Barbary Sheep

  • Average weight male: 140 kg
  • Average weight female: 110 kg
  • Shoulder height male: 100 cm
  • Shoulder height female: 80 cm
  • Mating season: All year

The Barbary Sheep belongs to the sheep family and originates from mountainous areas in the North African countries of Tunisia, Chad and Sudan. Today there is a stock in the mountainous areas of the Eastern Cape province of South Africa.

The Barbary Sheep is red/brown in colour and have small sharp backward-curved horns.

Barbary Sheep live entirely in mountainous terrain where they mainly eat grass and leaves and are preyed upon by leopards and eagles that live in the area. Barbary Sheep live in groups and are primarily active during the day, and rest during the night.

In the hunt for Barbary Sheep flat-shooting rifle calibers are recommended, as long shots often occurs in the open mountainous terrain. The choice of rifle-calibre can be a .270, which will be effective for this purpose. It is not a very large animal, hence big and powerful rifle-calibres are not required for this hunt.