Big & Dangerous Game

For obvious reasons, nothing is more exiting than hunting dangerous game in Africa. A dangerous game safari will provide memories for a lifetime! Preparation is of the utmost importance – the right rifle, in the right caliber, with the right bullet, together with professionals around you can make the difference between a successful hunt and a very expensive stroll through the bushveld. All our hunting is conducted on foot as “walk and stalk” – The real way! 


7 days accommodation / 5 full days hunting
1 trophy buffalo bull
1:1 hunt with Big Five PH


The Cape Buffalo is considered by some to be the most dangerous of all of the Big Five. While he seems docile when viewed undisturbed in the herd, when agitated or wounded, this beast can be extremely aggressive, vindictive, and cunning. Hunting buffalo in Africa is not for the faint hearted and is extremely exiting – Once you try this, you will know what we mean!


An unforgettable hunting experience in Africa
All accommodation and catering, incl. beer, wine and soft drinks
Trophy fee on 1x buffalo bull
Arrival and departure day
Transport to/from airport
All other transportation for the duration of the safari
Services of a Big Five Professional Hunter
Services of trackers and skinners
Services of camp staff
Laundry service
Field preparation and salting of trophies/skins
Delivery of trophies to taxidermist
All applicable taxes
All applicable licenses

Airline tickets to/from South Africa
Taxidermy work and shipping
Gratuities for staff

– “No hit – no pay concept”
– Extra animals can be added to package during hunt 

Cape Buffalo

Found all over southern Africa in herds of various sizes, the buffalo can weigh up to 1800 pounds. He is primarily a grazer but an occasional browser who must drink every day. Buffalo´s favor the thick bushveld during the day, leisurely moving and grazing as they go. At night they tend to herd up to protect the young from their archenemy, the lion. Both sexes carry horns, however, the horns of a bull can be quite spectacular, with a deep curl and a solid boss covering the forehead. Cows lack the boss, but can have a very wide spread; in fact, the world record buffalo on file in the Roland Ward record book is a cow with a spread of around 62 inches.

With a well-placed shot, the famous big game caliber of .375 H/H is minimum recommended. However, a shot from the various 40 calibers provides a more immediate and noticeable effect. Even with a well-placed first shot, once the Cape buffalo is wounded and its adrenalin is flowing, he can be EXTREMELY hard to bring down. It has been said that if your first shot on “Inyati”, as the Zulu people call him, is a bad one, the next 14 will only serve to further annoy him… Remember, when it comes to shot placement and your selection of rifles and bullets, always trust the judgement of your Professional Hunter