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Let’s fight the hunting bans – not each other

// May 29th, 2020 // No Comments » // Anti hunting, Blog, Hunting

In modern days and with social media, people are getting more and more aware of what they post online. That’s fine and completely in-line with todays world as we know it. BUT, if you ask me, we also risk loosing focus on the hunting and conservation itself, opposed to how we think the anti hunters will react online. Not too long ago, it was “accepted” to post a trophy picture of a giraffe or elephant. No one would scream if they saw a “bloody” picture. No dentist name and his business would be totally ruined because he hunted a lion (we all know the story), and figures like Eduado Goncalves were not dictating the politicians with extremely false statements about trophy hunting.

Now a days, if you publicly post something, you risk being a victim of the anti-hunters, who will turn you into a murderer and share false propaganda about you and the hunting industry it self all over the internet. Do we need to be carefull about what we post then? Yes, of course we do, but hiding us more and more from the anti´s, could also be the start of a downwards spiral for our hunting rights as we know them, I think – And for what purpose? Would that not be stating ourselves as losers or the “bad” ones in this fight? I believe, despite how difficult it is, that we need to find a balance in this, while not forgetting to show the world what hunting is really about. We cannot let the Disney lovers control our ways. We are already seeing many hunting associations like SCI, PHASA etc. fight for our rights and conservation, but the fight is far from over. This is all my personal opinion, but I think most would agree on these perspectives.

HOWEVER, i’ve noticed lately, and particular during the Corona crisis, that hunters publicly blame other hunters and outfitters in Africa, for how they manage their game. Pictures and videos have been shown on social media, of animals of both genders, which have been culled in order to cope with the current situation. This apparently has created a lot of angry responses. These internal fights (and others like them) between us hunters, do NOT help anyone. They will only fume the anti-hunters, who is already busy claiming that the Corona virus and lack of hunting tourism in Africa, have and will save thousands of protected animals, including elephants, rhinos and lions. This statement could of course not be further from the truth, but we have to realize that their political influence as a result of false propaganda, is becoming an issue. Just look at the UK for instance – And this will not end here! But for the sake of us all, and the wildlife, lets not fume and stimulate further hunting bans🙏

Let’s all remember that the outfitters and landowners in Africa are now faced with a huge and very serious crisis, with no hunters and no income. The animal numbers are in many areas too many, and there is not enough food to feed them all through the coming winter. By culling the animals, they manage their game into healthy numbers, and at least get an income from the meat. This will also allow them to support their staff, and provide them with food in these extremely difficult times.

We all have to survive this terrible crisis, so let’s not forget to stick together as hunters. Soon, we will be hunting under the african sun again😉

In the meantime, keep well and safe everybody.


Peter Olesen
Pete Safaris, South Africa