• Average weight male: 750 kg
  • Average weight female: 460 kg
  • Shoulder height male: 170 cm
  • Shoulder height female: 150 cm
  • Mating season: All year

The Cape Eland is one of the spiral horned animals and South Africa’s largest antelope. He can weigh in at over 2 000 pounds. This ox-like bovid develops the thick neck, hump, and dewlap characteristics of the Brahma bull. Color is grayish-brown with older males developing a bluish-gray around the neck because of hair slip.

Both bulls and cows carry horns, the bull’s horns being noticeably shorter but heavier. Hunting eland can be a real challenge, as he tends to be a bit nervous, taking flight at the first sign of danger. The eland is typically found in herds of 8 to 12 animals however, very large herds exceeding 250 animals are not uncommon.

For his size, he is a remarkable jumper, easily clearing obstacles in excess of 6 or 7 feet. Hunting eland with the right rifle is of paramount concern. While many are taken with lesser rifles, the .375 would not be considered overkill! The well-placed shot is always of concern – a few inches to the left or right with a lesser caliber may make for a long day of tracking or even the loss of a wounded animal.

Hunting eland trophy bulls can be extremely challenging and you will probably have to walk and stalk for some distance.

Recommended calibers: 7mm remington magnum, 30-06, 300 Win. Mag. or bigger, with a minimum bullet weight of around 170 grain.