Photographic Safaris & Day Tours

Combine your hunting trip with family friendly activities. We have listed our recommended tours below, although there is lots of other things to explore in our beautiful country, and we will be happy to customize something special or you. 


Looking for something a little more adventurous to do whilst enjoying your safari? Experience spectacular environment on automatic e-quad bikes, from Valley Bushveld and the magnificent Sundays River, to the beautiful citrus orchards, whilst following the trails of the original peoples and the pioneers of our historic valley. Read more about this tour below the pictures.


PRICE (4 persons) = $180 pp
PRICE (3 persons) = $230 pp
PRICE (2 persons) = $270 pp



For those who are a little adventurous, try quad biking through the beautiful landscape and see some of the region’s most spectacular scenery from the back of an E-Quad bike. You’ll pass the Sundays River and bike through beautiful fruit tree orchards. The quad biking trails follow the paths taken by the original inhabitants of this historic valley.

The experienced guides will brief everyone on the controls and safety gear. There will also be time for practice laps, before the tour begins. No experience is needed.

The tour last 1 hour, but can be extended to 3 hours on request.

Price includes guide, water/juice, safety equipment and all transport to/from quad bike location. Children under the age of 16 is not allowed.


A full day of private game driving in South Africas third largest national park. Watch hundreds of elephants thrive in their natural environment, amongst free roaming lions, buffalos, rhinos and all the plains game species of southern Africa. Read more about this tour below the pictures.


PRICE (4 persons) = $175 pp
PRICE (3 persons) = $225 pp
PRICE (2 persons) = $300 pp



Addo Elephant Park is about 180.000 hectare and houses the worlds largest population of elephants.

The park was established in 1931 for the purpose of saving the last 16 elephants in the area. Today this fine-tuned ecosystem is home to more than 600 elephants and pretty much all the different animal species in Southern Africa.

We will take you on an exiting game drive through the massive park and you will get to see a lot of animals up-close. Apart from the elephants, you have good chances of seeing lions, hyenas, black and white rhinos, buffalo´s  and all the plains game species such as zebra, kudu, eland and hartebeest. The national park is also home to more than 880 different bird species and the famous Dung Beetle, which plays an important role in the ecosystem.

We usually take a break at around 12am and barbeque a nice lunch over the fire within the secure area of the park.

When suitable, we return to our camp and usually spend the remaining part of the evening around the camp fire or similar.

Addo Elephant Park is definitely a “must see” if you visit South Africa!

Price includes personal guide, snacks/cool drinks, all transport and entrance fee to Addo Park (dinner at the park restaurant is at own cost).


Explore a different side of our area and view game and birds on the riverbanks, while you drift down on some of the most scenic parts of the Sunday’s River in a custom designed, comfortable and ultra stable canoe (no paddling experience needed). Read more about this tour below the pictures.


PRICE (4 persons) = $195 pp
PRICE (3 persons) = $245 pp
PRICE (2 persons) = $275 pp


This popular guided River Safari offer guests some of the best bird watching in the Eastern Cape, where one can find countless water birds, 7 different species of Kingfisher and chance sightings of the elusive African Fish Eagle, Cape Clawless Otter and magnificent Goliath Heron. (Bring Hat, Sunglasses, Camera and Binoculars if you have them). Waterproof buckets will be provided.

The tour last 3 hours.

Price includes guide, water & snacks, lifewest/safety equipment and all transport to/from location.


Geffrey´s Bay is a world renowned surfing capital and definitely worth visiting. This place has got a nice vibe and there are many things to do here. You can ride horses along the white beaches (which is a very popular attraction here), enjoy walks along the ocean shore line collecting beautiful shells, swim in the warm Indian Ocean, or simply relax in the beautiful surroundings at or near the beach. If you are into seafood, Geffreys´s Bay is also the place to go! Read more about this tour below the pictures.


PRICE (4 persons) = $140 pp
PRICE (3 persons) = $200 pp
PRICE (2 persons) = $270 pp
PRICE (1 person) = POR


Experience beautiful accommodations right on the ocean, and enjoy good food all over.

Collect beautiful shells from the beach, and have a private barbecue with an ocean view (as shown on one of the above pictures). Dolphins can be seen frolicking alongside the surfers and Wales can be often seen in the bay.

On top of horse riding along the beaches, you can do sand boarding (like snowboarding, but in this case in the major sand dunes), visit the local waterpark and much more..

Sleep over till next morning if you want to (price around $120 for a very nice self catering B&B on the beach) – We will provide food and drinks in the case of self catering.

Price includes personal guide, cool drinks in the vehicle and all transport expenses during the trip. Dinners, excursions or accommodation (if wanted) is at own cost.


Jump from up to 11.000 feet and get your adrenalin rushing! An absolute lifetime of experience!



4 persons
7500 ft. jump (approx. 15 seconds free fall):  $380 pp

9500 ft. jump (approx. 30 seconds freefall): $420 pp
11000 ft. jump (approx. 45 seconds free fall): $470

3 persons
7500 ft. jump (approx. 15 seconds free fall):  $445 pp
9500 ft. jump (approx. 30 seconds freefall): $475 pp
11000 ft. jump (approx. 45 seconds free fall): $525

2 persons
7500 ft. jump (approx. 15 seconds free fall):  $510 pp
9500 ft. jump (approx. 30 seconds freefall): $545 pp
11000 ft. jump (approx. 45 seconds free fall): $595


Put yourself at ease jumping with our professional crew from up to 11000 feet, above the scenic Jeffreys bay coastline.

Our instructors have a minimum of 2000 jumps and have a passion for sharing the experience of skydiving with first timers. All that is required is that you are below 100kg, and are reasonably fit. You don’t have to be an adrenaline junkie; our instructors will be able to put you at ease. Just follow the simple instructions and all that is left to do is have fun!

Up to 45 seconds freefall at 200kph, followed by a 5 minute parachute ride. As long as the conditions are good you will have a chance to steer the parachute. You instructor will take over for the landing and you can even land at the beach (if pre arranged).

A once in a life time adventure that is definitely recommended to everyone in all walks of life!


A great sightseeing tour in and around one of South Africas oldest cities “Graaf Reinet”, where in addition to exploring the city, we stop by Karoo Taxidermy (the worlds largest taxidermist) for a private tour. We finish off the day on the outskirts of the city, in the center of the Camdeboo National Park. Here you will enjoy the most spectacular sunsets and views from the beautiful Valley of Desolation. Read more about this tour below the pictures.


PRICE (4 persons) = $175 pp
PRICE (3 persons) = $210 pp
PRICE (2 persons) = $310 pp
PRICE (1 person) = POR


We start off the day by visiting Graaf Reinet. The city is placed at the foot of the Snowberg mountains, surrounded by the 19.400 hectars of the Camdeboo National Park. The charming and historic city offers great curio shopping, old museums and I nice antique shop.

For the ladies that would like to be spoiled, there is a great spa, with massages, manicures and pedicures. For the men, there is a local gunshop that can be visited.

You will have the opportunity to visit our taxidermist (Karoo Taxidermy), which is the largest taxidermist in the world. The staff will offer you a guided tour around their massive facility, and you will experience all the different work stations and processes related to mounting hunting trophies and tanning of skins. This might just inspire you how to mount your own trophies..?

Later we usually enjoy a nice dinner at one of the local restaurants, where you will be able to taste the famous lamb-meat from the great karoo.

Finally we will leave town and head for the famous and beautiful Valley of Desolation, located a few kilometers outside the city. This place is absolutely magnificent and a “must see”. The vertical rock formations reaches 120 meters above ground level and has been formed from volcanic activities for more than 100 million years ago.
Little walk paths will allow you to easily climb the terrain and meanwhile enjoy the landscape. On top, time always seems to stop, while we soak up the stunning views over Graaf Reinet and Camdeboo National Park. From here, you will also be able to see game species such as springbuck, monkey, giraff, mountain-zebra, red hartebeest, gemsbuck, steinbuck, blesbuck, black wildebeest, kudu etc.

Camdeboo Park is also home to more than 330 variations of plants and 220 bird species, one of which is the big Black Eagle – very often seen in the area.

Price includes personal guide, snacks/cool drinks, all transport and entrance fees to Valley of Desolation. Other entrance fees (for museums), shopping expenses and restaurant visits are not included.



This is a guided “educational tour” through a local cheetah conservation facility. You will be able to see and learn more about the cheetahs and other animals in the enclosures (lions, leopards, hyenas, wild cats, servals, caracals, meerkats etc.). Also on this tour, guests will be given the opportunity to visit a cheetah inside the cheetah’s enclosure. Read more about this tour below the pictures.


PRICE (4 persons) = $120 pr. person
PRICE (3 persons) = $150 pr. person
PRICE (2 persons) = $200 pr. person
PRICE (1 person) = $310 pr. person

According to studies, the cheetah was former near extinction if drastic conservation effort were not taken. Due to extremely low population numbers, the wild cheetahs had very little mating choices, which lead to the inbreeding of the wild cheetah population. The inbreeding caused a lot of defects to surface in the cheetah genes, as well as weakened immune systems – And that is when this conservation project started.

The owner (Richard) started the conservation project in 2001 on his family farm with just three Cheetahs (Bernard, FW and Ida). The project has since increased, not only in cheetah numbers, but also to include other wildlife species. As it is a privately owned conservation project, they do not get any subsidies or grants from the government. Thus, they have opened their doors to the public in order to get funding to reach their goals.

At the facilities, they do not use sedation for interaction purposes, nor do they force the cats to interact with people. The cheetahs will have the choice to come to the guests for attention or to walk away.

The place also has its own coffee and curio shop, including Vintage and Antiquities as well as Handmade African crafts and local homemade goodies. The coffee shop has its own little room that looks out onto the ever-busy meerkats.
Guests may enjoy some delectables from the food menu inside or outside. Just around the corner of the shop, there is a play area for kids as well as a touchfarm, where young and old can sit and watch the escapades of our rabbits, guinea pigs, ducks and various other birds.

– A wonderful and learningfull day tour, which allows for afternoon relaxation at the lodge or other activities.



Port Elizabeth is commenly also known as “the friendly city” and is one of the biggest harbours in South Africa. Its located 760 km. northeast of Cape Town and offers a fair number of attractions and cultural sites. Read more about this tour below the pictures.


PRICE (4 persons) = $145 pp
PRICE (3 persons) = $180 pp
PRICE (2 persons) = $250 pp
PRICE (1 person) = POR


Take a stroll along the beautiful and famous bordwalk, try out the famous and award winning Spa & Wellness Center or simply relax at the beach. Surf the legendary waves in the Algoa Bay, visit the Boardwalk Casino, play golf, visit the different cultural sites or go on a shopping spree.

The possibilities are endless, so have a chat to us and we will create a day tour that fits your wishes.   

Price includes personal guide, snacks/cool drinks and all transport. Entrance fees for selectable attractions, restaurant visits and personal expenses like shopping, spa-treatments and similar are not included.



SPA & WELLNESS invigorate your body mind and soul.

Pamper yourself with exclusive and professional Spa & Wellness treatments of all kinds, at the famous and multiple award winning Casa Mia Health Spa. Read more below the pictures.




The spa offers advanced skin and body therapies using Cosmoceutical products for men and women plus a range of massages such as Swedish, Aromatherapy massage, Indian head and Hot stone therapy treatment – just some of the decadent body treatments on offer. We also offer thalossotherapy, manicures, pedicures, and waxing. Separate cloakrooms and Locker rooms for safe keeping of your personal items and secure parking are available.

Enjoy a healthy lunch and chilled refreshments after or in between treatments in our tranquil garden, offering a retreat for quiet moments. You can hand-pick your fruit, grown in the lush orchards that surround the Spa, for a truly fresh orange/lemon juice experience. The Spa menus make liberal use of our locally grown fruit and vegetables. from the Sunday’s River Valley. Guests can dine alfresco under the Portales or enjoy the luxurious comfort of the dining room. You can also meditate on the private deck overlooking a dam visited by numerous wild birds or take a peacefull walk in the surrounding orchards.

When you feel ready, we return to the lodge – You may also combine the trip with other excursions in the area, including canoe river paddling or Quad-biking. Please contact us for more info and a price on a combined tour like this.



Schotia Safaris is The Eastern Cape’s oldest private game reserve and offers exiting game drives in an open Land Rover – An amazing experience, where you will view more animals than you thought possible, and enjoy a delicious dinner prepared over an open fire. Read more about this tour below the pictures.


PRICE (4 persons) = $295 pp
PRICE (3 persons) = $345 pp
PRICE (2 persons) = $430 pp
PRICE (1 person) = POR


This is probably the most densely stocked reserve in Africa, and with over 2000 animals including 40 mammal species, it offers consistently good game viewing throughout the year.

Schotia was the first reserve in the Cape Province to have free roaming lions and we can almost guarantee sightings of these magnificent animals on every tour. Often you will experience them hunt and consume their prey!

The Eastern Cape Private Game Reserve is owned, managed and run ‘hands on’ by the Bean family, who are now in their sixth generation and have owned the original farm, Orlando, since the early 1800’s.

At Schotia Safaris, guests are spoiled with closer experiences with the Lion, Rhino, Buffalo, Elephant, Giraffe, Hippo, Crocodile and various other antelope and bird species that have made the reserve their home.

You begin by signing in at 14:30. The tour begins at 15:30 where the main game drive of 4 hours is performed – a short refreshments and toilet break splits the game drive into two at the halfway point. The guides try to show the guests as much as possible on a drive, and concentrate on the popular sightings rather than ‘the birds and the bees’.

After the game drive and sunset, you will go to the beautiful Lapa (showed in the pictures) for a lovely cooked meal around the fires. The usual menu is venison or beef stew/roast, chicken casserole, roast potato, rice, mixed vegetables in cheese sauce, mushroom sauce, home-made bread, dessert, tea/coffee etc.

The guide will then take you on a spotlit game drive to view more nocturnal animals on the way back to the reception area (or your accommodation if you wish to stay the night). On this night drive, you will quite often hear the lions roaring and experience them hunt a prey – A very exciting experience.

At the end of the tour, and if you do not spend the night there, we return to the lodge.

Price includes personal guide, snacks/cool drinks, dinner at Schotia, all transport and entrance fees.



Come on an unforgettable and eventful trip along South Africa’s eastern coastline, also known as “The Garden Route”. This route rightly shows why South Africa has so much to offer! Experience magnificent sceneries, wildlife and local attractions along the way. As the trip has so much to offer, the tour will be specifically tailored to your wishes. Read more about this tour below the pictures.


PRICE (2 adults + 2 children under 18 years, sharing a family room) = $660 pp
PRICE (4 adults sharing 2 double rooms) = $720 pp

Price On Request for less than 4 persons


The name “Garden Route” originates from the thousands of flower species found along the route on the east coast and is considered a “must see” when visiting South Africa.

We guarantee an unforgettable and adventurous trip, with breathtaking scenery and flora en route, right from the beautiful Swartberg mountain pass, to green valleys, local vineyards, ancient forests and unspoilt coastlines.

Visit the local communities and stop for example along the way in the famous Jeffreys Bay, Plettenberg Bay and Knynsa, which together offer incredible sceneries, beautiful sandy beaches, shopping options, friendly people, cozy dining and plenty of good food and wine.

Also discover Monkeyland, Elephant Sanctuary, Birds of Paradise, Gango Caves and one of the big ostrich farms around Oudtshoorn – The ostrich capital of the world!

If you are looking for an adrenaline rush, you can also try out the world’s second-highest bungy jump at Bloukrans Bridge or go “cage diving” with white sharks in Mossel Bay.

The Garden Route offers a wealth of experiences and sightings – the tour is therefore tailor-made for every enquiry.

Price includes 3 days touring with 2 overnight stays at selectable hotels enroute, breakfast, personal guide, snacks/cool drinks and all transport. Entrance fees for selectable attractions, dinner/restaurant visits and personal expenses like shopping and similar are not included. Notice that while on this tour, you are not charged for accommodation at our lodge (consider value of $150 pr. night). If you are more than 4 persons, there will be an extra charge for rental of mini-van and extra rooms during the overnight stays.


Join us on an amazing coastal route to Cape Town. We stop at different sites along the way, including a overnight stay in Knysna, before we continue our journey along the Indian Ocean to the amazing city of Cape Town. Here there is lots of stuff to see and experience, including the world renown Table Mountain, the many wine estates, beautiful beaches, cultural sites and much much more. Read more about this tour below the pictures.




Day 1.

We leave the lodge to get an early start along the Garden Route. First stop is Bloukrantz bridge; the site of the world`s highest bungy jump. Here you will also enjoy the stunning views of the ocean and mountains. Visit the elephant sanctuary and interact closely with these amazing mammals. Visit Monkeyland, Plettenberg Bay and sleep over in the beautiful town of Knysna.

After breakfast we continue our journey along the Indian Ocean to the amazing city of Cape Town.


Day 2.

After early breakfast, we continue the journey to Cape Town. After arriving in Cape Town, we spend the day going up the cable car to the top of the world renowned Table Mountain, with the most spectacular ocean and mountain views. Weather permitting as on a cloudy day the clouds cover the gracious mountain like a table cloth, hence the name.

Climbing Table Mountain is another alternative. It is an amazing experience, but only for the very fit and quite a challenge.

Visit the Victoria & Alfred Waterfront for great shopping and dining experiences.


Day 3.

A full day ahead of the whole peninsula around Cape Town. Along the route we will see the famous Clifton Beaches, Camps Bay and Hout Bay. For those that enjoy shopping, an African curio market where you can join up with the local people is situated at the harbour.

The next stop is Cape Point where the Indian and Atlantic Oceans meet. Take a small cable car (vernicular) or climb the many steps to the top.

Simonstown and Boulders Beach, where the African Penguins safely live, can be viewed from a walkway.

Have lunch around Boulders Beach or the nearby Groot Constantia Wine Estate, the oldest wine estate established in 1659. The wine was made from French muscadel grapes and was made by Simon van der Stel.

Later pass the oldest university in South Africa, started by Cecil John Rhodes in 1829 – The University of Cape Town, which is home to many overseas students.


Day 4.

Spend the whole day wine tasting in the beautiful Stellenbosch, Paarl and Franschoek Wine growing areas. Participate in the fine cuisine created on these stunning wine estates and photograph the most beautiful views. A wonderfully relaxing day, while enjoying great wines and beautiful nature.


Day 5.

Visit to Greenmarket square, which is an open market for African arts, carvings and curios. Another option is a visit to the Victoria and Alfred Waterfront, or simply a day of leisure. For anyone that would like to view diamonds, tanzanite or do other things, this can off course also be arranged. For the golfers, there are lots of amazing golf estates throughout South Africa – A visit to the different golf estate sites around Cape Town is therefor also an option.

Kirstenbosch Botanical Garden is yet another option. It is known as one of the great botanic gardens of the world. The sheer grandeur of the setting of Kirstenbosch, against the eastern slopes of Cape Town´s Table Mountain, makes it a spectacular place to be at. A restaurant is available here and in the summer months an open air theatre can be enjoyed as well.


Day 6 .

Transfer to Cape Town Airport for journey back to either Port Elizabeth or home.


PRICE ON REQUEST – There are so many variables, as this tour can be put together in many ways. Contact us for more information and we will gladly put together the perfect Garden Route Tour for you.


SHARK CAGE DIVING (April to September)
Shark Cage Diving in Port Elizabeth provides you with the exhilaration of viewing one of nature’s most respected predators, the Great White Shark. This tour is more than just a shark cage diving tour. This tour is an all inclusive 8 hour tour that covers every corner of Algoa Bay. Read more about this tour below the pictures.


PRICE (minimum 2 persons) = $600 pp

We drop you off at 7am at the Nelson Mandela Bay Yacht Club in the Port Elizabeth Harbour, departing shortly after and returning at 3pm. You will first make the 1.5 hour run across the length of Algoa Bay to the Bird Island Group consisting of three islands, namely, Bird, Stag and Seal island which is home to the largest colony of Cape Gannets in the world and between 6000 to 8000 South African Fur Seals on Black Rocks.  Whilst on route to the Bird Island Group the possibilities for sightings are endless with the Sardine Run still taking place during the months of April, May and June and the migratory Humpback & Southern Right Whales arriving in June and July and staying right through to November.  During April, May and June guests on board this cruise have a heightened chance of observing Cape Gannets, Long-beaked Common Dolphins, South African Fur Seals, African Penguins, Brydes and Minke Whales, Shark species and a wide variety of marine birds feeding on large shoals of sardines and other bait fish.

Upon arrival at Bird Island you will engage in an educational Shark Cage Diving experience that will give you an insight and understanding of the anatomy and behavior of the Bay’s apex predator – the Great White Shark. Dr. Matt Dicken will sometime join you on the boat and conduct research. Bird Island is the only place in the world where there is a data set collected before Shark Cage Diving started in the area. The goal for 2019/20 is to continue this research whilst Shark Cage Diving is taking place. Part of this research will entail fitting acoustic tags to ten Great White Sharks which will provide invaluable information on the species. This tagging operation will take place during some of the Shark Cage Diving tours, allowing guests to witness and be a part of the ongoing research projects.

After the Shark Cage Diving experience, a packed lunch is served before we head inshore from Bird Island to the spectacular views of the Alexandria Dune Fields – A favorite place to observe pods of Bottlenose Dolphins, who under the right conditions surf the waves towards the beach, leaping out the back of the waves just before reaching the sand.

This coastal route then brings us to the last stop of the tour, St Croix Island.  St Croix Island is home to the largest breeding colony of African Penguins with approximately 22000 birds on the island. Whilst at St Croix guests will learn its unique history and be informed of the hard times that the African Penguins have faced and how research and conservation efforts are carried out at the island.

For this tour, the operators use a 10.16 meter Butt-Cat. This vessel is locally built and specifically designed for spending a full day on the ocean with comfortable seating and a shade cover. The catamaran type hull increases stability whilst cruising and at anchor and allows us to cruise comfortably at considerable speed. The sides of the boat are free of fittings allowing for easy viewing, and a viewing platform on top of the cabin provides a 360 degree view with added height for those who are eager to help spotting or get a great view and photo opportunity of any action around the boat. A platform at the back of the boat houses the three man cage for the Shark Cage Diving section of the tour.

Price includes boat captain, guide, cool drinks, all transport and tour fees



Exciting sea cruise, where guests are often spoilt for choice with close encounters with large pods of different whale species, including the Souther Right Whale and Humpback Whale. On this cruise, you will most likely also encounter Dolphins, the African Penguins and Cape Fur Seals. Read more about this tour below the pictures.


PRICE (minimum 4 persons) = $300 pp

The cruise starts in Algoa Bay Yacht Club in the Port Elizabeth Harbour at 8.00am. Here you will be taken on a catamaran to see the whales, dolphins and African Penguins on St. Croix Island and Brenton Island.

The whale season begins in June when we see humpback whales moving along the coast, as they head up the East coast of Africa towards their breeding grounds. Humpback whales can be seen in Algoa Bay between June and early January, reaching peaks in July/August and again in November/December, when they make their return journey with calves in tow. Southern right whales can be seen from July to October as they enter the safety of the bay to give birth. Southern right whales are usually seen very close inshore and often nearby to the harbour. They are the most frequently observed whales along the South African coast.

Indo-pacific bottlenose dolphins are the most frequently observed dolphins in the bay and can be spotted all year round, in groups from 10-400. These playful dolphins are mostly found in shallow waters either near the beaches or around St Croix Island, and tend to come right up to the boat and ride along in the bow waves. Common dolphins are also a spectacular sight as they are seen in groups of 1000-2000, swimming along at great speeds. These dolphins are often spotted from January to June as they follow large shoals of baitfish which move past the bay. We also get humpback dolphins in Algoa Bay, which usually occur in much smaller groups, anywhere between 1 and 20, and are most commonly seen during the summer months.

St. Croix Island is home to 22,000 breeding pairs of African penguins, the largest breeding colony found in Africa (though we have lost 70% in 10 years). It is here where you will get a close-up encounter with these comical birds. The African penguin’s breeding season reaches its peak between March and May, when you may be able to see the chicks from the boat. As well as African penguins, both St. Croix and Brenton Island are inhabited by the endangered African black oystercatcher, white-breasted cormorants and Cape cormorants. The St. Croix Island group, along with the Bird Island group, became part of the Addo Elephant National Park, allowing rangers to patrol the islands in aid of conservation efforts to protect the African penguin population. As they are Marine Protected Areas, please note that you are not allowed to actually go on to the islands. Light refreshments and snacks are served during the cruise and we will return by 12.00pm.

Hereafter we will transport you back to the lodge, or should you wish to add activities to the day, we can take a tour around the beachfront, or stop by a souvenir-shop, before we head back to camp.

Price includes boat captain, personal guide, snacks/cool drinks, all transport and tour fees



Would you like to try fishing in South Africa’s diverse waters? -Here is your chance!


PRICE (4 persons) = $265 pp
PRICE (3 persons) = $320 pp
PRICE (2 persons) = $445 pp
PRICE (1 person) = $750


At sea, the minutes will probably feel like seconds. Deep sea fishing is exciting and will probably get your adrenaline and arms pumping! With a little luck during the trip, you can also enjoy the sight of whales, dolphins, etc.

Catch a number of fish species, including Yellow tail, Garrick (Cape Salmon), Shad, Little Eastern Tuna, Sarda, Cob, Red & Black Steenbras, Red Snapper, Miss Lucy, Red Roman, Carpenter and many more including many Shark species (Sharks caught are all released)

NOTE: Prices require the boat to have 4 people booked – Otherwise we will try and get a good deal for you.

Price includes boat captain, personal guide, cool drinks, transport, fishing rods and all gear. NOTE: If we need to leave the habour very early, we might need to drive in the evening before the tour, and rent a B&B to sleep over in (excluded in price, but prices are cheap – contact us for info please)


If you are looking for something else or already have an idea which you need our help for, please contact us and we will be happy to tailor something special for you.

Since many of our excursions are booked with, or arranged in cooperation with external providers, prices are subject to changes. Please study our Terms & Conditions