Management / Cull Hunts

Management/cull hunts is an important part of South Africas successful control of healthy and sustainable wildlife populations. 

Most of the game in South Africa is privately owned and managed. Numbers of animals to be culled are established through game counts and vegetation analysis.

Large herds of springbucks occur in the Karoo flats and depending on the required number to be culled, we sometimes do driven hunts on these (minimum 2 hunters required). Other animals also regularly needs to be culled, which will normally be done by means of walking and stalking the animals.

Culling (except in some cases) is usually done on non-trophy animals, that being females or males with small “trophies”, broken horns or similar. This not only keep the animal numbers down at a sustainable level, but also help to keep the bad genes out.

If you are a meat hunter, and do not care about scoring trophy medals, then a management/cull hunt would be ideal and give you great value for money.

Please note that mangement/cull hunts can only be booked on demand.

Below is two package deals which we can normally offer all year around, with the possibility of adding extra animals such as ostrich, kudu, warthog, impala, blesbuck and wildebeest. Other cull animals may also be available on request. You can off course also choose to combine your cull hunt with trophy animals. Please contact us to hear more about the possibilities.



  • 3 x springbucks
  • 2 x impala
  • 1 x warthog 

2 hunters (2:1)
12 non-trophy animals in total (6 animals pr. hunter)
7 days accommodation / 5 days hunting
PRICE $1.995 pr. hunter, ALL INCLUSIVE



An unforgettable hunting experience in Africa
All accommodation and catering, incl. beer, wine and soft drinks
Arrival and departure day
Transport to/from airport
All other transportation for the duration of the safari
Services of a Professional Hunter
Services of trackers and skinners
Services of camp staff
Laundry service
Field preparation and salting of trophies/skins
Delivery of trophies to taxidermist
All applicable taxes
All applicable licenses

Airline tickets to/from South Africa
Taxidermy work and shipping
Gratuities for staff

– “No hit – no pay concept”

– Extra cull animals can be added during hunt. Different species can be available upon request and depending on season:

– Combine with trophy hunting if you wish. Contact us for a good deal.

Below is pictures of cull (non-trophy) animals taken by our clients