Questions & Answers

Why choose us?
There are so many hunting agencies and outfitters from which to choose when planning your African safari. The list and process can be dizzying. How do you choose the right one? Most hunters are looking for quality in all aspects of the hunt, along with a competitive price. At Pete Safaris, we aim to offer very competitive prices without jeopardizing our ethical standards, level of quality we assure, and the safety and satisfaction of our clients. We are not a 6-star luxury camp or a big corporate establishment that care more about the look of everything than the actual experience. We are passionate about what we do and when clients leave us, they leave as friends – Often times with tears in their eyes, overwhelmed by their experiences. This is when we know our mission has been a success! As the info and pictures shows on the website, we offer very nice 4-star accommodations, and as former clients will tell you, we deliver as promised!

When you book with us , you book directly with the outfitter and the professional hunters that will guide you on your safari. We do not use middleman, brokers, agencies or private agents.

We take great pride in offering quality fair-chase hunting on foot – The way it is supposed to be!

So if you are looking for world class hunting at an affordable price, no hidden costs, and the “real African experience”: We are certainly the right place for you!!

When is the best time to hunt?
We can hunt all year around, but we recommend that you come between late March and early November. The summer months between November and February are very hot and the animals are bedded down most of the day, making the hunting much more challenging for a number of reasons. Read more about the weather HERE

Must I bring my own firearms?
We recommend that you bring your own firearms, all though we do have rifles which you can rent in camp (price $150 pr. hunter including ammo). Bringing you own firearms is for obvious reasons the best choice for you and not at all difficult as some might think. To make it even more simple and a smooth process, we have made a “step-by-step” firearms guide for you to follow.

Can I change my package deal?
You can always change your package, subtract or add extra animals during your hunt – You never pay for what you do not hit. The package deals are in other words 100% flexible and merely offered to give you a better overview of all costs, and a basis to start from.

Do you hunt from vehicles?
No – We do ethical and fair-chase hunting on foot. If you are physically disabled and unable to walk though, we will off course make appropriate arrangements.

Do I need to be physically fit?
There are no special requirements for be being fit, as we will take your physically state into account when choosing hunting areas. We do however, please ask you to let us know in advance, if you have any health problems or any other things affecting your ability to walk or climb hills and mountains – That will help us plan your hunt.

Extra fees on medal trophy animals?
There will never be extra fees on medal scoring trophy animals. All hunted trophy animals though, will in most cases be medal scoring according to SCI standards.

What do I need to bring?
Please study our list of “What to bring

Can I bring my family or friends?
We cater for both hunters and non-hunters, so we welcome you to bring your family or friends. The camps are well suited for this (including children), and we offer a wide selection of tours and non-hunting activities. Read more about our tours and photographic safaris by clicking HERE

Do you offer non-hunting activities?
We offer a wide selection of tours and non-hunting activities. Read more about our tours and photographic safaris by clicking HERE

Do you require a deposit?
Yes – When you book a hunt/safari, we will kindly ask for a small deposit of $500 pr. person (bank transfer). The final payment/balance is to be paid before leaving our camp on the last day of your safari. Read about payment methods below. 

Final payment & means of payment?
The final payment will be required on the last day of your safari. You will be able to pay with the following means:

Credit card – VISA or Mastercard (2,5% card fee is applied to total amount)

Cash – We accept American Dollars (USD) or South African Rand (ZAR)

Bank Transfer – Bank wiring the balance will only be allowed, if you can provide a bank-receipt of payment, before your departure from the camp.

We recommend that you combine your payment with the use of credit card and cash, as this will reduce your card fee. Bank transfer can be done as an alternative method with the above requirement, but it may not be possible to get a receipt from you bank during weekends or with short notice. Other arrangements can be agreed to, but must be approved by Pete Safaris beforehand.