Shot placements




Even though anatomy of african animals is similar to many American and European species, there are exceptions. More important to notice, is that because animals in Africa look different from American and European game and that they may be significantly larger or smaller, it can make shot placement challenging since the aiming points and sense of scale that hunters are used to use, is off – Especially when you are tired, excited or in a hurry. One example of this is when hunting Oryx (Gemsbuck), where even prepared hunters shoot these animals too high because of the predominant humped shoulder, that tricks people into shooting higher than normal, causing a very long day of hiking.

One thing that is always important to remember, is being able to visualize the location of the heart/lung area when the animals is quartering away or towards you.

So what do you do? – You study all shot placements carefully before the hunt, and you ALWAYS listen to your PH´s instructions!

We also recommend you to buy the mini-edition of the book “The Perfect Shot” by Kevin Robertson. Kevin is a respected PH and veterinarian in South Africa, and the mini-edition will fit your pockets on the hunt.


Click on the below images, to study the shot placements. Please be aware that the green markings is NOT recommended shot placements, but just an indication of the brain location. Brain shots is normally only done on Elephants.



Dr. Kevin Robertson, South African vet and professional hunter, has written todays most well known book about animal anatomy and shot placements for hunting purposes. The book which is named The Perfect Shot is also filmatized – Watch a clip from the movie below: