Springbuck (common)

Common Springbuck

  • Average weight male: 41 kg
  • Average weight female: 37 kg
  • Shoulder height male: 75 cm
  • Shoulder height female: 75 cm
  • Mating season: All year

The springbok is one of the most common antelopes in Southern Africa, which still roams in millions. Both the males and females of this unmistakable little gazelle carry horns, the ewe’s horns being somewhat shorter and more slender.

The springbuck is the national animal of South Africa – His name means “jump buck”, an accurate description of his pogo-stick style of jumping when alarmed. This social herd animal is at home on dry, semi-desert, open grasslands, including the Kalahari desert. He is both a grazer and a browser and not dependent on water, although he will drink daily if water is available. When hunting springbok, trophy evaluation can be very difficult, as both rams and ewes carry horns, and herds can be very large, making it hard to approach with all those eyes and ears. Because of his phenomenal eyesight and his natural paranoia with regard to being approached, if you try to walk and stalk this little antelope, be prepared to do some crawling while hunting springbok.

Hunting springbok in Africa requires a great deal of patience, skill at stalking, a solid shooting support, and a fast, flat shooting rifle.  These animals are small, and from a head on position offer little target profile.  They have eyes like 4 power binoculars, and will run and leap at the slightest provocation, making them hard to approach.  Average range for african springbuck shots varies from 100 yards out to where they resemble little brown dots.  For that reason, a rifle like the 7 mm Magnum, or any of the real flat shooting .30 caliber magnums – 300 Winchester Magnum, .308 Norma Magnum, – is best.  The 243 Winchester will also do an admiral job on these little antelopes, but only if the range is kept reasonable.

Practice shooting from sticks – practice a lot.  Side shots on African springbuck at distance are hard enough, but if you have no choice but a quartering, or head on shot, the skill level goes up exponentially.  Best practice when hunting springbok in Africa is to wait until a side shot is available.  This will take time, crawling and watching the wind, but it can be done without question.

The springbuck is found in different colors, with the Common Springbuck being the most “common”. You will also find black, white and copper springbucks – all of which is beautiful animals, with little differences in prices.

A springbuck is a beautiful trophy, either way you mount it. The skin (tanned as a flat skin), skull/horns (mounted on a wood plate) or the mounting into a shoulder mount all make for impressive memories in your trophy room.

Hunting springbok for trophy calls for the high heart/lung shot right up the front leg, one third to one half into the body. Hunting springbok is exiting and will always be a challenge due to his size and excellent senses. Stalk carefully, keep the wind in your favor, get as close as you can, bring the right equipment and then shoot straight!

Recommended calibers: .243, 6,5×55, .270, 7mm, .308