Taxidermy work

Most hunters choose to have their trophies mounted, all though this is off course free of choice.

Choosing the right taxidermist, is of great importance for assuring quality and life lasting impressions.

We recommend and work closely with Karoo Taxidermy, which is one of the worlds largest and leading taxidermists in South Africa. They offer high quality craftmanship, including personalized taxidermy service and custom-made luxury leather goods, such as gunbags and handbags, to rugs, furniture and lighting – All for fair and affordable prices.


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After completion of your hunt, and should you request us to do so, we deliver your trophies to Karoo Taxidermy (this service is included in our your hunting package). Shortly after this delivery, Karoo will make contact to you, in order to get final and specific instructions for the work to be done. Before starting the taxidermist work, you will be requested to pay a 50% deposit. After the processing of your trophies is completed (normally 6-8 months), you will be invoiced with the remaining amount, after which the trophies are packed and shipped to your specified destination. The whole process runs automatically, and basically all you have to do, is make the initial instructions for your mounts – Everything envolving special paperwork and permits, shipment etc. will be handled by Karoo.


Your mounted hunting trophies will be expertly packed in a wooden crate, custom made for your consignment by the on-site packing team. The trophies will be attached to the walls of the crate by means of a number of drywall screws. In order to save on the volume of your crate, most of the larger species’ horns will be made detachable. In the shipping business, size does matter and you will be charged according to the volume of your crate. With the horns detached, you will save up to 40% on shipping costs.

Trophies can also be shipped from South Africa in a “raw” state if you wish to have your local taxidermist mount your trophies – a process known as “Dip & Pack”. In the case of dip & pack shipments, the horns/skins will be sent to a taxidermist of your choice in your home country, after being thoroughly treated and prepared by Karoo Taxidermy. We do however, recommend that you get your trophies mounted in South Africa, to ensure a cheaper rate.


Karoo Taxidermy has a dedicated team that focusses on the execution of all export documentation and applications on your behalf. All CITES 1 animals (certain species only) will need to have a CITES Import permit in place, before they can apply for a CITES Export Permit. This also applies to Bontebok as well as certain Elephant curios, if shipped to the United States. Applying for these special permits should normally be performed by the customs clearing agent in your home country – Karoo will assist in the process.


Karoo Taxidermy will arrange all your shipping requirements, in close corporation with the shipping and customs clearing agent(s). You will not be required to do anything in the whole process. Karoo Taxidermy has longstanding relationships with dedicated shipping and customs clearing agents world wide, specializing in the shipping and clearing of hunting trophies into your home country. This whole process can be a complicated one, including many formalities. It is therefor important to make use of a professional shipping and customs clearing agent, that knows how to handle and clear hunting trophies. TROPHY SHIPPERS is a family owned company and have been in business since 1981. They are a customs brokerage and freight forwarding company that is dedicated to helping hunters quickly and efficiently get their hunting trophies home. If you would like to contact them, TROPHY SHIPPERS can be reached at Cell +1 (815) 529-0087 / Office +1 (630) 595-7300, or via their website
If you prefer to consign your hunting trophies to your own clearing agent (such as Trophy Shippers), please feel free to advise Karoo accordingly. Otherwise Karoo Taxidermy will refer you to one of their agents.

As mentioned, you will not be required to do anything in the whole process, which will run automatically. Once the shipments has arrived in your home country, customs cleared and ready to be picked up, the clearing agent will contact you.


NOTE: Sea freight is not as speedy as air freight (can take 3-4 weeks), but almost 25% cheaper.


A crate containing a: Kudu, Blesbuck, Bushbuck, Impala, & Warthog – All Shoulder Mounts.

New York  US$ 870
Dallas, Texas  US$ 890
Los Angeles  US$ 930
Denmark  US$ 975
Sweden  US$ 1100


A crate containing a: Kudu (or Gemsbuck), Black Wildebeest, Blesbuck, Impala, 3 x springbucks – All Shoulder Mounts.

New York  US$ 1075
Dallas, Texas  US$ 1150
Los Angeles  US$ 1200
Denmark  US$ 1250
Sweden  US$ 1100

NOTE: Groups of hunters will benefit each other if shipping together in one crate, as the crate and administration fees can be shared (not currently allowed in the US). 


Important Notice Regarding Importing Trophies

  • All hunters must be identified by their FULL GIVEN NAME AS IT APPEARS ON THEIR PASSPORT. This must appear on all documents!
  • Copy of the Hunt Register or Hunt Permit is REQUIRED to submit with every entry (your PH/Outfitter will provide Karoo with these)


Following Animals may NOT BE IMPORTED into the U.S. under any circumstances:

  • Cheetah
  • African Wild Dog
  • Brown Hyena
  • Scimitar Horned Oryx
  • Mountain Cape Zebra
  • Black Rhino
  • Black Faced Impala