Terms & Conditions

PLEASE NOTE: By paying the required deposit upon making your reservation, you automatically accept the following Terms & Conditions.


The website, marketing material and offers send by email may be subject to changes, in case of obvious typing errors.

Due to the nature of traveling and hunting in South Africa, conditions are subject to change – Pete Safaris reserves the right to alter or change any conditions, as a result of considerable currency fluctuations, political disturbances, devaluations, increased rates at our external partners or other circumstances that we are not in control of.

All prices is presented in American Dollars (USD) and based on the local currency Rand (ZAR) – If the South African Rand, for any unlikely and unexpected reason goes below 15 Rand/$ (or as mentioned in individual offers), we reserve the right to raise public announced and offered prices accordingly.

Should any offers be made in ZAR (Rand) before the safari, and unless otherwise agreed, the final invoice will be settled in Rand as well, and the current USD exchange rate at the end time of the safari will be used for conversion.

Pete Safaris takes no responsibility for any injuries or accidents that may happen during your hunting/photographic safari.

Pete Safaris takes no responsibility for any delays or changes to your safari, as a result of government interventions, the weather or other factors that we are not in control of.


To book a safari and secure your dates, a $500 pr. hunter is required and must be bank wired into our account. We will provide you with the banking details upon request. The balance* is to be paid at the end of the safari and before your departure from camp.

*You will be able to make payments with the following means:

Credit card – VISA, Debit or Mastercard is accepted (subject to 3 % card fee). We CANNOT accept American Express Cards.
PLEASE MAKE 100% SURE that your credit card(s) will NOT be limited in regards to larger pay amounts, and that you will be able to pay the expected amounts for your safari before leaving here. Note that your card limits will be different when in SA compared to in the USA, so it’s very important that you increase these limits in coordination with your bank before traveling! Please also bring more than one credit card! Note that we ONLY accept wireless tap cards or cards with a chip, as we cannot swipe cards the old way. Lastly, you NEED TO HAVE A PIN-CODE for your Visa and Mastercards, otherwise you cannot use them for larger card payments in South Africa!!

Cash – We accept American Dollars (USD) or South African Rand (ZAR).
Cash deposits are subject to 3% bank fees.



Hunts cancelled with more than 90 days notice, may carry deposit over for the next year, 12 months ahead maximum (we reserve the right to raise prices accordingly should this be deemed necessary). In case you are unable to book another safari within that year or if you cancel a safari with less than 90 days notice, we reserve the right to keep your deposit, in order to make up for lost revenue. No refunds will be given. NOTE: Special agreements can be made, related to bookings during the Corona pandemic. Contact us for more information regarding this – We are highly flexible. 


When traveling to South Africa, please be aware that special regulations (may) apply for you, depending on your citizenship, such as special VISA requirements. Please note that US and Scandinavian citizens are NOT required to have a VISA when visiting South Africa for less than 90 days). Please study our Travel Information site for more general information and recommendations by clicking HERE


As also described under “Travel Information”, special regulations have until recently applied for people traveling with children under the age of 18 years. However these requirements have now been removed and can be disregarded. Should you be interested in knowing more about this though, click HERE.


When booking your airline tickets to/from South Africa, please make sure that you have sufficient transfer time in Johannesburg (O.R. Tambo Airport). During peak season, long queues usually build up at the passport control and claiming your luggage may take a while. When flying domestically from Johannesburg to Port Elizabeth (or other domestic destinations), you also have to consider that latest check-in for these flights are 45 minutes before departure! In other words, make sure you have enough time for unforeseen delays and rush hours. We recommend at least 3 hours transfer time in Johannesburg – This especially applies if you plan on bringing your own firearms!


In general, we recommend clients to bring their own firearms. Should you choose to do so, then please make use of our detailed guide (Importation of Firearms), which describes step-by-step, how to bring your own firearms. If you follow this guide, the process is very straight forward. Should you however prefer to rent a rifle from us, we do have a limited amount of rifles available in different calibers – Price is $45 pr. hunting day, including ammunition.


– If a client is not succesfull in getting all his animals in his “package”, and the animal is not wounded by the client, the package price will be re-calculated/reduced by the resulting trophy fee (based on the specific package deal and the given discount) – In other words, clients do not pay for what is not hit. Clients pay in full amount for wounded animals.


During the course of your safari, we will periodically take pictures of you (mainly trophy pictures) and upload them on our social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube etc.). If you do NOT wish to have you pictures showed on social media or if you would like your face obscured, please inform us in writing before your safari begins.


– Airline tickets to/from South Africa
– Gun rental (if required) $35 pr.  hunting day, including ammunition
– Taxidermy work and shipment of trophies (if required)
– Tipping of staff (read guide lines under “Travel Information”)
– Personal expenses during safari (travel insurance, shopping, restaurant visits, local attraction with entrance fees, and any other expenses not mentioned specifically as included)