September-November (spring)

Spring is relatively dry and offer a quite warm climate. Late in spring the grass starts growing, trees and flowers start to bloom, and it´s without any doubt the prettiest time of year in South Africa. Rain showers rarely occur and if so, will often be very short-lived. The temperature range is approx. 22-33 degrees (Celcius) during the day, and 11-17 degrees (Celcius) during the night. Animals tend to move around a lot, and the hunting is great.


December-February (summer)

The summer months are usually very hot, and normally more precipitation will occur – It rarely rains for longer periods though. Typically, a couple of powerful, but short bursts of rain fall during the afternoons or at night. The temperature during the entire period is approx. 26-39 degrees (Celcius) during the day and 15-20 degrees (Celcius) during the night.


March-May (autumn)

During autumn, the animals are active and the hunting is very good. March/April are relatively warm months and from here, the temperature slowly drops towards the months of June/July. In May, the leaves start falling off the trees and hunting becomes even better, as it gets easier to spot the animals. The temperature during the entire period is approx. 20-30 degrees (Celcius) during the day, and 6-17 degrees (Celcius) during the night.


June-August (winter)

Winters in South Africa are cold and dry. Normally, the grass has withered away and the trees are naked. It is therefor easy to spot the animals, and they tend to be very active in this relatively cool time of the year – Especially on sunny mornings and afternoons. Hunting is very good. The temperature during the entire period is approx. 16-26 degrees (Celcius) during the day, while it can drop to 0-14 degrees (Celcius) during the night.