June-August (winter period)
This period of time is dry and relatively cool in June, with rising temperatures towards August. The threes has dropped their leaves and it is therefore easier to spot the animals. The animals are very active and as a result the hunting is great. The temperature is during the entire period of time approx. 16-26 C-degrees during the day, while it can drop to 0-14 C-degrees during the night.

September-November (spring period)
This period is relatively dry and with a generally warm climate. Rain showers rarely occur and if so, will often be very short-lived. The period of time is beautiful, as the grass and vegetation begins to grow. The temperature is during the entire period of time approx. 22-33 C-degrees during the day, and 11-17 C-degrees during the night. The hunting is great.

December-February (summer period)
The summer months are usually very hot, and normally more precipitation will occur. This is actually our rainy season, all though it never rains for days. Typically, a couple of powerful, but short bursts of rain fall during the afternoons or at night. The temperature during the entire period is approx. 26-39 C-degrees during the day and 15-20 C-degrees during the night. Because of the hot weather, the animals are usually bedded down in the shade during the mid-day. The summer months is considered to be our low season of hunting, all though we can hunt all year around. It will however require mid-day breaks, when the temperatures is at its highest level, normally only allowing morning and late afternoon hunts.

March-May (autumn period)
This is a really good period of time for hunting, and the animals are very active. March/April are relatively warm months and from there, the temperature slowly drops towards June/July. In April you can still sit out at night, without a jacket or sweater on. The temperature is during the entire period approx. 20-30 C-degrees during the day, and 6-17 C-degrees during the night.