White Blesbuck

White Blesbuck

  • Average weight male: 70 kg.
  • Average weight female: 60 kg.
  • Shoulder height male: 95 cm.
  • Shoulder height female: 95 cm.
  • Mating season: April, May

All that has been said regarding hunting the common blesbuck and the bontebuck, can be applied when hunting the white blesbuck. A mutation in color, the white blesbuck is not an albino, but rather merely a variation in color. Hunters can find the “white” mixed in with a herd of common blesbuck. He exhibits the same territorial tendencies: challenging displays, threatening behavior, and marking of the grass with his pre-orbital glands.

He prefers to graze on short grass, especially that which is newly sprouted from burnt out areas. All blesbok feed during the cooler morning and evening periods, tending to rest during the heat of the day.

You can use your favorite deer rifle when hunting the white blesbuck. Quality expanding soft-point bullets suitable for your caliber of choice will be most effective.

The high heart/lung shot will be the ticket here. Aim directly up the foreleg about one third and squeeze. Never shoot above the half-way point or you may be in for a long day. Hunting white blesbuck can net you a very unique trophy to hang next to the common variety. His white color and straw-colored horns set him apart from his common brothers.

Recommended calibers: .243, .270, 7mm, .308, 30-06